Masri Ayob

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Optimisation can play a major role in improving the throughput of surface mount placement machines. Most previous work has reported on improving only the assembly cycle time. The movement of the feeder carrier and PCB table are not always factors which are minimised. In this paper we introduce a triple objective function with a Chebychev dynamic(More)
In this work we investigate a new graph coloring constructive hyper-heuristic for solving examination timetabling problems. We utilize the hierarchical hybridizations of four low level graph coloring heuristics, these being largest degree, saturation degree, largest colored degree and largest enrollment. These are hybridized to produce four ordered lists.(More)
The optimisation of a printed circuit board assembly line is mainly influenced by the constraints of the surface mount device (SMD) placement machine and the characteristics of the production environment. This paper surveys the characteristics of the various machine technologies and classifies them into five categories (dual-delivery, multi-station, turret(More)
This work presents a simple graph based heuristic that employs a roulette wheel selection mechanism for solving examination timetabling problems. We arrange exams in non-increasing order of the number of conflicts (degree) that they have with other exams. The difficulty of each exam to be scheduled is estimated based on the degree of exams in conflict. The(More)