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Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is a relatively new nature-inspired algorithm. It evolves solutions in the problem search space by mimicking the musical improvisation process in seeking agreeable harmony measured by aesthetic standards. The Nurse Rostering Problem (NRP) is a well-known NP-hard scheduling problem that aims at allocating the required workload(More)
The optimisation of a printed circuit board assembly line is mainly influenced by the constraints of the surface mount device (SMD) placement machine and the characteristics of the production environment. This paper surveys the characteristics of the various machine technologies and classifies them into five categories (dual-delivery, multi-station, turret(More)
In this paper we introduce a Monte Carlo based hyper-heuristic. The Monte Carlo hyper-heuristic manages a set of low level heuristics (in this case just simple 2-opt swaps but they could be any other heuristics). Each of the low level heuristics is responsible for creating a unique neighbour that may be impossible to create by the other low level(More)
In this work we investigate a new graph coloring constructive hyper-heuristic for solving examination timetabling problems. We utilize the hierarchical hybridizations of four low level graph coloring heuristics, these being largest degree, saturation degree, largest colored degree and largest enrollment. These are hybridized to produce four ordered lists.(More)
Optimisation can play a major role in improving the throughput of surface mount placement machines. Most previous work has reported on improving only the assembly cycle time. The movement of the feeder carrier and PCB table are not always factors which are minimised. In this paper we introduce a triple objective function with a Chebychev dynamic(More)
Some factors that significantly contribute to the overall assembly efficiency of the placement machines are robot motion control, sequence of placement points and feeder setup. Many techniques have been developed to improve the sequence of placement points and/or the feeder setup for the PCB assembly process. However, a limited number of works have reported(More)
— In this paper we present a constructive heuristic to optimise the component pick and place operations of a hybrid pick and place machine, which is a new type of surface mount device placement machine. Since a nozzle change operation is very expensive (it significantly adds to the overall assembly time), the heuristic gives highest priority to minimising(More)