Masoumeh Rezaei

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Meiotic restitution is considered to be a common mechanism of polyploidization in plants and hence is one of the most important processes in plant speciation. Meiotic behaviour of plant chromosomes is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. In this study, the meiotic behaviour of cereal crops was investigated, which includes tetraploid wheat(More)
Recently, there is a growing interest to improve Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) performance by developing efficient initialization methods. The aim of this paper is to estimate initial values for NMF components using Genetic algorithms (GAs). As far as NMF methods suffer from lack of convexity, the proposed method, here called NMF_GA can find a(More)
In this paper, we apply the variational iteration method using He’s polynomials for finding the analytical solution of gas dynamic equation. The proposed method is an elegant combination of He’s variational iteration and the homotopy perturbation methods. The suggested algorithm is quite efficient and is practically well suited for use in such problems. The(More)
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