Masoumeh Faghani

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BACKGROUND Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Iranian women. The p53 gene plays a principal role in genomic stability, and its function varies according to polymorphisms. The aim of our study was to determine the relationship between the intron3 16bp duplication polymorphism of the p53 gene and breast cancer in Iranian women. MATERIALS AND(More)
Background. The aim of this study was to determine the correlation between MSI and sporadic colorectal cancer in Guilan province, North part of Iran. Materials and Methods. A total of 96 patients who underwent resection for sporadic colorectal cancer in Guilan province were studied. No patients had positive family history of cancers. The frequencies of MSI(More)
UNLABELLED Ischemia reperfusion (IR) is the main pathology of torsion of testis and it is a common urologic emergency. There is some evidence that shows oxytocin (OT) plays role in ischemia reperfusion. OBJECTIVE To evaluate this hypothesis that OT can decrease germ cell apoptotic index in testis under acute ischemia reperfusion in a rat model. (More)
For determine effect of use different levels of caraway powder on performance of broiler chickens a total 240 one day broilers chicks (Ross 308) were divided into 4 groups of 15 birds each and assigned to 4 treatment diets. Chicks were fed by basal diet with control diet and 1(T), 1.5(T) and 2(T) percentage added 1 2 3 caraway. At the end of experiment 2(More)
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