Masoume Jabbarifar

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Cyber attacks and malicious activities are rapidly becoming a major threat to proper secure organization. Many security tools may be installed in distributed systems and monitor all events in a network. Security managers often have to process huge numbers of alerts per day, produced by such tools. Intrusion prediction is an important technique to help(More)
Risk assessment is a major part of the ISMS Process. The Information Security Management System standards specify guidelines and a general framework for risk assessment. In many existing standards, such as NIST and ISO27001, risk assessment is described however, while these standards present some guidelines, there are no details on how to implement it in an(More)
L-SYNC is a synchronization protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks which is based on larger degree clustering providing efficiency in homogeneous topologies. In L-SYNC, the effectiveness of the routing algorithm for the synchronization precision of two remote nodes was considered. Clustering in L-SYNC is according to larger degree techniques. These(More)
Risk assessment is a major part of the ISMS process. In a complex organization which involves a lot of assets, risk assessment is a complicated process. In this paper, we present a practical model for information security risk assessment. This model is based on multi-criteria decision-making and uses fuzzy logic. The fuzzy logic is an appropriate model to(More)
In many existing synchronization protocols within wireless sensor networks, the effect of routing algorithm in synchronization precision of two remote nodes is not being considered. In several protocols such as SLTP, this issue is considered for local time estimation of a remote node. Cluster creation is according to ID technique. This technique incurs an(More)
Time synchronization is a fundamental requirement for many services provided by distributed systems. For this purpose, several time synchronization protocols have been proposed. However, they either achieve high accuracy by adding further network traffic, even more than common protocols such as network time protocol and precision time protocol, or consume a(More)