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We address exponential stability of switched nonlinear singular systems with time-delay in which delay is time varying and presents in the states. For switched nonlinear singular time-delay systems with average dwell-time switching signals, we provide sufficient conditions, in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) to guarantee the exponential stability(More)
This paper introduces a fuzzy decision support system (FDSS) with a new decision making structure, which can be applied to manage the crisis conditions in any large scale systems with many parameters. After receiving both functional variables of the system and fault signals, the FDSS makes proper decisions to make up and repair the distorted situation and(More)
Of the various conditions that affect space weather, Sun-driven phenomena are the most dominant. Cyclic solar activity has a significant effect on the Earth, its climate, satellites, and space missions. In recent years, space weather hazards have become a major area of investigation, especially due to the advent of satellite technology. As such, the design(More)
Generic generalized minimum variance-based (GMV) controllers have been adopted as efficient control mechanisms especially in presence of measurement noise. However, such controllers exhibit degraded performance with change in process dynamics. To overcome this problem, a novel congestion controller based on active queue management (AQM) strategy for(More)
In this paper a new Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) based switching controller for multiple Bottleneck packet switching Network has been considered. The main goal is to illustrate the effects of the Switching Control methodology on the congestion control problem of the packet switching Networks with dynamically varying parameters such as Link capacity and(More)