Masoud Sanayei

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A method for the parameter estimation of structures was d~veloped in a companion pape~. It used subsets of static applied forces and strain measurements and successfully Identified structural element stlffnesses. In the presence of noisy measurements, the selection of these s~b~ts drastically affect the accu~acy of the parameter estimates. In addition,(More)
Genetic Algorithms (GA) are powerful tools for solving large and complicated optimization problems. Objective functions used in parameter estimation (PE) are commonly nonlinear due to available measurements at a limited number of degrees of freedom for a structure. Sparse measurements create a fairly complicated objective function surface that requires a(More)
1 Bridge managers have historically relied on visual inspection reports and field observation, 2 including photographs, to assess bridge health. The inclusion of instrumentation including strain 3 gauges, tiltmeters, linear variable differential transformers (LVDT), and accelerometers along 4 with a structural model can enhance bridge management. This(More)
Transit-oriented development, such as metro depot and over-track building complexes, has expanded rapidly over the last 5years in China. Over-track building construction has the advantage of comprehensive utilization of land resources, ease of commuting to work, and provide funds for subway construction. But the high frequency of subway operations into and(More)
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) using nondestructive test (NDT) data has become very promising for finite element (FE) model updating, model verification, structural evaluation, and damage assessment. This research presents a multiresponse structural parameter estimation method for the FE model updating using data obtained from a nondestructive test on a(More)
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