Masoud Saghafi

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Sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis is a chronic arthro-osteitis affecting mostly juxtasternal structures. It is characterized clinically by painful swelling of the upper anterior chest wall and occasionally is associated with pustulosis palmaris and plantaris. Pathologically there is osteitis, periostitis, and new bone formation of periarticular structures.(More)
AIM The reduced bone density in individuals with severe hemophilia A (decreased coagulation factor VIII level) and combined factor V and VIII deficiency have been reported. In the current case-control study we tried to address bone mineral density in individuals with severe hemophilia B (decreased coagulation factor IX). METHODS In our case-control study,(More)
AIM Vitamin K is an essential factor for carboxylation of bone matrix protein. Low vitamin K may be associated with reduced bone mineral density (BMD). The issue of whether long-term sodium warfarin therapy as oral anticoagulant that antagonizes vitamin K, results in decreased bone density, is controversial. Our purpose in this study was to assess the(More)
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