Masoud Rezaei

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In this paper, we present design and implementation of TCvisor, a new trusted hypervisor. To this end, TCvisor provides a secure storage with different isolated view per user by using para-passthrough and combined key. In this regard, virtualization technology of processors has been used for complete isolation from operating system. By combining TPM base(More)
a novel technique is proposed in this paper to optimize the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. It is named Informed Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO). A new treatment is added to the conventional PSO which eliminates blind searching in the conventional PSO. In the proposed algorithm, each particle will search it's around by a variable radius(More)
In this paper, a short-impulse ultra-wide band (UWB) transmitter is introduced to enable large-scale neural recordings within miniature brain implants including thousands of channels. The proposed impulse radio UWB transmitter uses a BPSK modulation scheme, the carrier signal of which uses only two delayed impulses to encode the transmitted signal. The(More)
Low distortion applications are increasingly demanded especially in the medical and audiovisual fields. Equally important, body sensors are more and more used in the medical, sports and space research fields. For instance, the breathing and heart rate signals fluctuate in the 0.5 to 5 Hz frequency range while several of the common biophysiological signals(More)
this paper describes a new Frequency Dependent Resistor (FDR) architecture. This FDR achieves by using Generalized Impedance Converter (GIC) circuit. The proposed circuit provides a second order filter which makes no variation on phase difference between input signal and output signal. The proposed scheme is able to model the skin effect of the wire. The(More)