Masoud Mirmomeni

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Of the various conditions that affect space weather, Sun-driven phenomena are the most dominant. Cyclic solar activity has a significant effect on the Earth, its climate, satellites, and space missions. In recent years, space weather hazards have become a major area of investigation, especially due to the advent of satellite technology. As such, the design(More)
paper presents a methodology to select input variables for time series prediction. A main motivation is to find some proper input variables which describe the time series dynamics properly. It is shown that even when the choice of input variables is confined to the lagged values of the process to be predicted, a nonlinear analysis of the most significant(More)
There is little doubt in scientific circles that–counting from the origin of life towards today– evolution has led to an increase in the amount of information stored within the genomes of the biosphere. This trend of increasing information on average likely holds for every successful line of descent, but it is not clear whether this increase is due to a(More)
Traditional models of ecosystems often assume that the species composing an unperturbed ecosystem become fixed so that only the relative abundances of the species change over time. Such ecosystems are said to have reached an optimal fixed point. However, recent work has suggested that neutral evolutionary processes can significantly alter the species(More)