Masoud Makrehchi

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One of the most challenging issues in fuzzy systems design is generating suitable membership functions for fuzzy variables. This paper proposes a paradigm of applying an information theoretic model to generate fuzzy membership functions. After modeling fuzzy membership function by fuzzy partitions, a genetic algorithm based optimization technique is(More)
We propose a novel approach to label social media text using significant stock market events (big losses or gains). Since stock events are easily quantifiable using returns from indices or individual stocks, they provide meaningful and automated labels. We extract significant stock movements and collect appropriate pre, post and contemporaneous text from(More)
Automatic generation of a social network requires extracting pair-wise relations of the individuals. In this research, learning social network from incomplete relationship data is proposed. It is assumed that only a small subset of relations between the individuals is known. With this assumption, the social network extraction is translated into a text(More)
An unsupervised keyword extraction method based on corpora is proposed. After representing each document in the collection by a fuzzy set of candidate keywords, the problem is translated into finding appropriate fuzzy membership degree for each candidate. In order to determine the membership degrees, first, all terms of the vocabulary are mapped into a(More)
Data partitioning methods such as bagging and boosting have been extensively used in multiple classifier systems. These methods have shown a great potential for improving classification accuracy. This study is concerned with the analysis of training data distribution and its impact on the performance of multiple classifier systems. In this study, several(More)
We consider the problem of finding the relevant named entities in response to a search query over a given text corpus. Entity search can readily be used to augment conventional web search engines for a variety of applications. To assess the significance of entity search, we analyzed the AOL dataset of 36 million web search queries with respect to two(More)