Masoud Kahrizi

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Raja Pullela, Shahrzad Tadjpour, Dmitriy Rozenblit, William Domino, Thomas Obkircher, Mohamed El Said, Bala Ramachandran, Tirdad Sowlati, Darioush Agahi, WeiHong Chen, Dean A. Badillo, Masoud Kahrizi, Jaleh Komaili, Stephane Wloczysiak, Utku Seckin, Yun-Young Choi, Hasan Akyol, Martin Vadkerti, Amir Mahjoob, Hamid Firouzkouhi, Daniel Shum, Rajendra(More)
This work presents a cellular receiver capable of receiving three simultaneous channels with an aggregate bandwidth of 60 MHz, enabling a 300 Mbps downlink rate. The receiver has 16 RF LNA ports covering the cellular bands within the 572-2700 MHz frequency range. It supports LTE-advanced Rel-12 Cat6, HSPA+ Rel-11, TD-SCDMA Rel-9, and GSM/EDGE Rel-9. The 40(More)
A new LC-tank VCO to minimize frequency drift due to temperature variations for cellular applications is presented. By employing the feed-forward VCO gain multiplication technique, frequency drift is reduced by 83% without resorting to conventional temperature dependent biases and circuits. Additionally, the compensation circuit retains the original VCO(More)
This work presents a cellular transceiver capable of transmitting two simultaneous channels with an aggregate bandwidth of up to 40 MHz, supporting a 100 Mbps uplink rate. The transmitter has 8 RF output ports covering the cellular transmit bands within the 572-2100 MHz frequency range. It can support TX LTE-advanced Rel-12 Cat7, HSPA+ Rel-11, TDSCDMA(More)
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