Masoud Kahrizi

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This work presents a cellular receiver capable of receiving three simultaneous channels with an aggregate bandwidth of 60 MHz, enabling a 300 Mbps downlink rate. The receiver has 16 RF LNA ports covering the cellular bands within the 572-2700 MHz frequency range. It supports LTE-advanced Rel-12 Cat6, HSPA+ Rel-11, TD-SCDMA Rel-9, and GSM/EDGE Rel-9. The 40(More)
This work presents a cellular transceiver capable of transmitting two simultaneous channels with an aggregate bandwidth of up to 40 MHz, supporting a 100 Mbps uplink rate. The transmitter has 8 RF output ports covering the cellular transmit bands within the 572-2100 MHz frequency range. It can support TX LTE-advanced Rel-12 Cat7, HSPA+ Rel-11, TDSCDMA(More)
A new LC-tank VCO to minimize frequency drift due to temperature variations for cellular applications is presented. By employing the feed-forward VCO gain multiplication technique, frequency drift is reduced by 83% without resorting to conventional temperature dependent biases and circuits. Additionally, the compensation circuit retains the original VCO(More)
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