Masoud Hessami

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Many impact studies require climate change information at a finer resolution than that provided by Global Climate Models (GCMs). In the last 10 years, downscaling techniques, both dynamical (i.e. Regional Climate Model) and statistical methods, have been developed to obtain fine resolution climate change scenarios. In this study, an automated statistical(More)
An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System, based on a jack-knife approach, is proposed for the post-calibration of weather radar rainfall estimation exploiting available raingauge observations. The methodology relies on the construction of a fuzzy inference system with three inputs (radar x coordinate, y coordinate and rainfall estimation at raingauge(More)
A gas chromatographic method for the determination of phenytoin in plasma is described. This assay allows the determination of phenytoin for therapeutic drug monitoring with a minimum detectable limit of 200 ngmL-1 for 500 mL plasma. Separation was performed on 2 m x 2 mm i.d. 1.5% OV17, 1.95 OV210 packed column using a flame-ionization detector. Barbital(More)
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