Masoud Fakhimi

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Modern healthcare reforms are required to be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable in order to address the additional constraints of financial resources shrinkage, pressure to reduce the environmental impacts and demand for improving the quality of healthcare services. Decision makers face the challenge of balancing all three aspects when(More)
There is increasing awareness among stakeholders in healthcare that the present day reforms in this sector need to be structured around financial, environmental and social sustainability. This arguably serves as a motivation to investigate ways to incorporate sustainable development measures into their planning cycles, and furthermore to implement these(More)
Modeling & Simulation (M&S) studies have been widely used in industry to gain insights into existing or proposed systems of interest. The majority of these studies focus on productivity-related measures to evaluate system' performance. However, this predominant focus on productivity may need to change since sustainability has become an increasingly(More)
Usability is widely acknowledged in the ICT–related literature as one of the most important factors that can directly affect the overall acceptance and success of any ICT application, tool, software, and platform. Ensuring usability is one of the main challenges of e-learning system developers. This paper describes two case studies designed to (i) evaluate(More)
A review of healthcare literature has identified a lack in studies that have focused on integrating sustainability factors with modelling. Thus, this research has employed a cross-industry review of literature on modelling for sustainability with the objective of identifying studies that could be applied in the healthcare context and in identifying gaps(More)
Addressing issues around sustainable development have become increasingly vital for industries and the initial pragmatic tactic is to devise a systematic approach for improving sustainability across the organization. Modeling & Simulation (M&S) studies have been extensively applied in industries to gain insights into existing or proposed systems of(More)
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