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Though the widely used Tor anonymity network is designed to enable low-latency anonymous communication, interactive communications on Tor incur latencies over 5 greater than on the direct Internet path, and in many cases, autonomous systems (ASs) can compromise anonymity via correlations of network traffic. In this paper, we develop LASTor, a new Tor client(More)
Cooperation among nodes is vital in Mobil Ac Hoc Networks (MANETs) since in such networks nodes depend on each other for forwarding and routing packets. However, cooperation in such operations consumes nodes' recourses such as battery and bandwidth. Therefore it is necessary to design incentive mechanisms to enforce nodes to forward packets when the source(More)
People usually use trust and reputation to cope with uncertainty which exists in the nature and routines. The existing approaches for inferring trust rely on homogeneous relations. In other words, trust is just inferred by a homogeneous relation. In this paper, we present a new model for inferring trust using heterogeneous social networks; we use relation(More)
On today's online social networks (OSNs), users need to reveal their content and their sharing patterns to a central provider. Though there are proposals for decentralized OSNs to protect user privacy, they have paid scant attention to optimizing the cost borne by users or hiding their sharing patterns. In this paper , we present Hermes, a decentralized OSN(More)
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