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Virulence of 11 native strains of entomopathogenic fungi; Metarhizium anisopliae (three strains), Beauveria bassiana (six strains) and Lecanicillium psalliotae (two strains) collected from different(More)
OBJECTIVE The increasing importance of dermatophytoses and emerging resistance of dermatophytes to current synthetic antifungals have stimulated the search for safer and more effective alternative(More)
BACKGROUND Aflatoxins are toxic fungal metabolites enable to contaminate a wide range of natural substrates. This contamination can be host-specific for different plant species. In this study, the(More)
OBJECTIVE Fungal infections are potential public health threats all over the world. In the present study, effect of Matricaria recutita flower essential oil (EO) was evaluated against medically(More)