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Cell death by apoptosis is a major determinant of growth of normal tissues and tumours. The present study aimed to elucidate signal factors involved in its regulation. Epithelial cells in control liver, during regression of cyproterone acetate induced liver hyperplasia, in liver (pre)neoplasia and in uterus undergoing apoptosis in vivo show immunostaining(More)
Exposure to pesticides, dyes, and pollutants that mimic the growth promoting effects of estrogen may cause breast cancer. The pesticide DDT and the food colorant Red No. 3 were found to increase the growth of HTB 133 but not estrogen receptor (ER) negative human breast cells (HTB 125) or rat liver epithelial cells (RLE). Red No. 3, beta-estradiol, and DDT(More)
Benzene is carcinogenic, whereas toluene is thought to have little carcinogenic potential. Benzene and toluene were found to activate cyclin-dependent kinase 2 in rat liver epithelial (RLE) and HL60 cells. pRb105 was hyperphosphorylated in RLE cells treated with either solvent. Kinase activation and subsequent hyperphosphorylation of pRb105 and p53 by(More)
Disinfected water at the water treatment plant may be polluted again when the water is being transported. Hence, the water should be protected against the possible pollutions by keeping the disinfectant residues in the transportation line. If chlorine is selected as the disinfectant, it will be added to the water in a way that its residue remains in the(More)
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