Masoome Esmaeili

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Multi-domain networking is an important focus area and crankback signaling strategies offer much potential for post-fault recovery. However, most studies in this space have not addressed multi-failure scenarios, e.g., correlated failures such as those resulting from weapons of mass destruction attacks. Hence this paper proposes a novel solution for(More)
Next-generation SONET/SDH provides carriers with new capabilities for building advanced Ethernet data services. Along these lines, numerous Ethernet-over-SONET studies have been done, with most focusing on point-to-point private line type services. This paper introduces the more challenging problem of provisioning multi-point-to-multi-point Ethernet LAN(More)
This paper addresses multi-domain lightpath provisioning within the context of correlated multi-failure events. The work jointly incorporates both risk minimization and traffic engineering objectives, and develops a novel graph theoretic scheme for distributed operation in realistic optical network settings. Detailed performance evaluation results are then(More)
Electronic mail is one of the important means of communication. Thus, this useful tool has invaded by invaders for different purposes. One such Invasion is the posting of useless, unwanted e-mails known as spam or junk e-mails. Several methods of spam detection exist, but each has certain weaknesses. This paper address these weaknesses by implementing and(More)
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