Masood Masoodian

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When people are looking for visual arts information-information related to images-how do they characterize their needs? We analyze a set of 404 queries to identify the attributes that people provide to the Google Answers™ 'ask an expert' online reference system. The results suggest directions to take in developing an effective organization and(More)
In recent years several systems have been developed to integrate the management of physical and digital documents and artefacts. These systems, which often rely on technologies such as RFID, generally detect the location of a digitally tagged item within a collection, with varying degrees of location sensitivity, ranging from a room to a smaller container(More)
This paper reports work done as part of the Large Interactive Display Surface(LIDS) project at the University of Waikato. One application of the LIDS equipment is distributed meeting support. In this context large display surfaces are used as shared workspaces by people at collaborating sites. A meeting will start with a shared presentation document,(More)
Despite its popularity and widespread use, timeline visualisation suffers from shortcomings which limit its use for displaying multiple data streams when the number of streams increases to more than a handful. This paper presents the Temporal Mosaic technique for visualisation of parallel time-based streams which addresses some of these shortcomings.(More)
In most work environments people archive both the real and digital versions of their documents. But unlike the digital world, in the physical world locating a document can become a very time consuming task. The reason for this is the lack of a direct connection between the physical and digital versions of documents. The Smart Filing System combines the(More)
This paper presents a usability analysis of RECOLED, a shared document editor which supports recording of audio communication in remote collaborative writing sessions, and transparent monitoring of interactions, such as editing, gesturing and scrolling. The editor has been designed so that the collaboration results in the production of a multimedia document(More)
Surveillance and diagnosis of new and emerging communicable diseases in remote regions, such as the Amazon, is a challenging task. These regions can be difficult to reach, are sparsely populated, and have limited medical and ICT infrastructure. Medical practitioners and community health agents who work in such regions often have very basic qualifications,(More)
Visualisation and structuring of tasks in a schedule, from relatively simple activities such as meeting scheduling to more complex ones such as project planning, has been traditionally supported by timeline representations similar to Gantt charts. Despite their popularity, Gantt charts suffer from a number of shortcomings, including poor representation of(More)