Masood A Khatamee

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This pilot study was performed from March 2008 through February 2010 to demonstrate that pregnancy can be achieved in a uterine allograft in the sheep model with the guidance of assisted reproductive technology. Uterine allotransplantation was performed in 12 sexually mature African sheep (Sudanese and Ethiopian). All animals underwent uterine(More)
With its increasing success, sex preselection has become a matter of general concern, and interest in it is growing. Three aspects of sex preselection in New York City were considered. Who is choosing the sex? Which sex is being chosen? Why have the choices been made? In this investigation, 178 couples were studied and all 57 non-American couples chose(More)
Ureplasma urealyticum (T-mycoplasma) has been related to male infertility by some observers. To assess further this question 150 couples who presented for fertility had semen and cervical mucus cultures for mycoplasma. Positive cultures were obtained from 69 couples. There were no significant differences in the semen analyses among patients with positive or(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the success for gender selection of insemination with a sample of semen separated by a serum albumin density separation gradient. DESIGN We retrospectively compared the gender outcome of conceptions of couples who conceived spontaneously with those who conceived secondary to an insemination with separated semen. SETTING Private(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this research is to study the complications of pregnancy associated with anencephaly. STUDY METHODS Thirty-five mothers who delivered an anencephalic baby (as a case group) and forty-three mothers who delivered a non-anencephalic baby (as a control group)were included in this analytical research study. All cases and controls had(More)
Chronic endometritis and its association with cervical colonization by Ureaplasma urealyticum was investigated in a group of 28 infertile patients treated for infertility problems. Twenty had positive cervical cultures for U. urealyticum and eight had negative cultures. There was focal chronic endometritis in 11 of the endometrial biopsies of the 20 cases(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the success for gender selection using a sample of semen separated by a modified swim-up technique. DESIGN We retrospectively compared the gender outcome of two treatments (A and B) for either a male or female offspring with those who conceived spontaneously. SETTING Private practice of one author (M. A.K.). PATIENTS,(More)