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The anatomy of the sensory nerve branches in the mesothoracic and prothoracic femur ofSchistocerca is described. A single multipolar receptor cell on the cuticular end of the distal flexor tibiae muscle fibres is identified and examined. This cell is shown to be a tonic receptor for active and passive tension in the muscle fibres to which it is attached. It(More)
Implicit preferences are malleable, but does that change last? We tested 9 interventions (8 real and 1 sham) to reduce implicit racial preferences over time. In 2 studies with a total of 6,321 participants, all 9 interventions immediately reduced implicit preferences. However, none were effective after a delay of several hours to several days. We also found(More)
This paper describes the operation and construction of an electromechanical device designed to make measurements on oscillograph recordings of nerve or muscle potentials for subsequent computer analysis. The device consists of a motor-driven shaft which moves the record past a fixed cursor, and an electronic counter which records the movements of the shaft,(More)
Four clinical trials evaluating arbaprostil's effects on the human uterus are reported. The initial two trials measured intrauterine pressures in nonpregnant and pregnant human females following arbaprostil doses of 10, 25, and/or 50 mcg. No statistical differences were found at any dosage level in either study for average uterine resting pressures, average(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic mesenteric angina is a rare condition with high morbidity and mortality, which occurs due to stenosis or occlusion in the mesenteric vessels commonly due to atherosclerosis. Typically, patients present with worsening postprandial abdominal pain, chronic weight loss and fear of food. The condition can be treated by surgical bypass, but(More)
Are hiring decisions affected by knowledge that a job applicant was previously laid off? We expected decisional biases to be linked with the motivational tendency to believe that society is fair and outcomes are just and deserved (hereafter, system justifying beliefs [SJBs]). Indeed, hiring decisions were more likely to disadvantage a laid off applicant as(More)
A method is described for recording with microelectrodes from central neurones in locusts,Schistocerca gregaria americana, that are free to perform a large fraction of their behavioural repertoire. This tethered preparation has been used to examine the individual responses of large neurones in the neck connectives to a range of sensory stimuli. From(More)