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In this paper, we introduce a new class of functions which are analytic and uni-valent with negative coefficients defined by using a certain fractional calculus and fractional calculus integral operators. Characterization property,the results on modified Hadamard product and integrals transforms are discussed. Further, distortion theorem and radii of(More)
Three Term Backpropagation(BP) Network as proposed by Zweiri in 2003 has outperformed standard Two Term Backpropagation. However, further studies on Three Term Backpropagation in 2007 indicated that this network only surpassed standard BP for small scale datasets but not for medium and large scale datasets. It has also been observed that by using Mean(More)
In this article, a certain differential operator , () k p S f z α,β,l,δ and a subclass () n, p p S , α,β,δ,l for analytic functions with positive coefficients of the form ∑ ∞ + = + = 1) (p n n n p z a z z f are introduced. Some properties such as the coefficients inequalities, distortion theorem, radii of starlikeness and convexity, closure theorems and(More)