Masih Hanifzadegan

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This paper proposes a parallel structure of a feedback controller for the ball-screw drive systems which have significant dynamic variations during operations. The controller consists of two controllers with two different objectives. One controller aims at moving the workpiece table so that its position tracks reference trajectories with high speed and high(More)
Boring bars with a large length-to-diameter ratio chatter under productive cutting conditions, which leads to poor surface finish and violation of part tolerances. This paper presents an active damping method of boring bars with an in-house designed magnetic actuator. The actuator has been designed to have a linear force output relative to the input(More)
This paper proposes a method to design a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) linear parameter-varying (LPV) feedback controller for contour error minimization in two- and three-axis computer-numerical-control (CNC) machines. The design method generates a controller of a special and novel structure, that is, a series connection of a coordinate transformation(More)
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