Mashroor Ahmad Khan

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In past few years Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) has been used by many organizations with gigantic data sets and streams of operations on it. HDFS provides distinct features like, high fault tolerance, scalability, etc. The Name Node machine is a single point of failure (SPOF) for a HDFS cluster. If the Name Node machine fails, the system needs to be(More)
The present study was undertaken with the objective to assess the clarity of growth zones on whole and thin-sectioned otoliths in Sperata aor. A total of 125 sagittal otoliths of S. aor were collected monthly from the river Ganga during the period, April to December 2013 at Narora, Uttar Pradesh, India. Thin sections (approximately 0.5 mm) of one of the(More)
This paper presents new geochemical and geochronology data for the Teru Volcanic Formation (previously known as the Shamran Volcanics) exposed west of Gilgit in the Kohistan terrane of the Pakistani Himalayas. The Teru Volcanic Formation ranges from basalt through andesite to rhyolite and has subalkaline and midalkaline affinities. Trace-element(More)
In this paper, the optimum test plan and statistical inference of 3-step stepstress accelerated life tests (SSALT) under progressive Type-I censoring is studied. It is assumed that the lifetime of a test unit follow a Weibull distribution with mean lifetime of a unit is a log-quadratic function of stress level. The maximum likelihood and Bayesian method are(More)
In this paper, step-stress accelerated life test strategy is considered in obtaining the failure time data of the highly reliable items or units or equipment in a specified period of time. It is assumed that life time data of such items follows a Rayleigh distribution with a scale parameter ( ) θ which is the log linear function of the stress levels. The(More)
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