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Growth cones sense cues by filopodial contact, but how their motility is altered by contact remains unclear. Although contact could alter motile dynamics in complex ways, our analysis shows that stable contact with Schwann cells induces motility changes that are remarkably discrete and invariant. Filopodial contact invariably induces local veil extension.(More)
Sensitivity to grammatical gender was investigated in 22 Russian-speaking aphasic patients, compared with young controls. Experiment 1 used a cued shadowing paradigm to assess gender priming (facilitation and/or inhibition of lexical access by a prenominal modifier with congruent, incongruent or neutral gender). Experiment 2 used a grammaticality judgment(More)
Four experiments investigated the effect of grammatical gender on lexical access in Russian. Adjective-noun pairs were presented auditorily, using a cued-shadowing technique in which subjects must repeat the second word (the target noun), following adjectives that are either concordant or discordant with the noun's gender. Experiment 1 demonstrates gender(More)
Mice with targeted deletion of the GABA catabolic enzyme succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (SSADH) manifest lethal tonic-clonic seizures, amenable to pharmacologic rescue, at 3-4 weeks of life. In the current report, we characterized amino acid profiles in SSADH(-/-) brain utilizing whole brain and regional extracts (frontal and parietal cortex,(More)
All Mayan languages exhibit ergative–absolutive systems of agreement. However, Chol and some other members of the family display aspectually based splits: while perfective clauses show the expected ergative–absolutive alignment, imperfective and progressive (hereafter " nonperfective ") clauses show a nominative–accusative alignment (Larsen and Norman 1979,(More)
OBJECTIVE To review various aspects of the management of peritonitis due to Fusarium, a soil mold which infrequently causes infections in humans. DATA SOURCES A case of Fusarium peritonitis in a child on chronic peritoneal dialysis (PD) is presented. The child developed Fusarium peritonitis 2 weeks after an episode of bacterial peritonitis. His Tenckhoff(More)
The examination of five pediatric patients with encephalopathy secondary to chronic renal failure has indicated a stereotyped sequence of neurologic signs and symptoms including ataxia, loss of motor abilities, myoclonus, seizures, dementia, and bulbar dysfunction. Both the patients with CNS dysfunction and a control group selected for a similar degree of(More)