Masazumi Tsutsumi

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Methane oxidation coupled to denitrification is mediated by 'Candidatus Methylomirabilis oxyfera', which belongs to the candidate phylum NC10. The distribution of putative denitrifying methane-oxidizing bacteria related to "M. oxyfera" was investigated in a freshwater lake, Lake Biwa, Japan. In the surface layer of the sediment from a profundal site, a(More)
Vertical profiles of the abundance, community composition, and potential activity of methane-oxidizing bacteria (MOB) were investigated in the sediment of Lake Biwa. Sediment samples were obtained from two sites at different water depths. The abundance of MOB was assessed as the copy number of the pmoA gene (encoding the alpha subunit of particulate methane(More)
A cell line of photoautotrophic pak-bung hairy roots was established from photomixotrophic ones by acclimation cultivations with a stepwise change of sucrose concentration in a medium with 3.0% CO2-enriched air supplied under continuous light irradiation. The derived photoautotrophic hairy roots had high chlorophyll content and activity of(More)
Geological CO2 sequestration in unmineable subsurface oil/gas fields and coal formations has been proposed as a means of reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. However, the feasibility of injecting CO2 into subsurface depends upon a variety of geological and economic conditions, and the ecological consequences are largely unpredictable.(More)
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