Masayuki Yokota

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Blue phases are types of liquid crystal phases that appear in a temperature range between a chiral nematic phase and an isotropic liquid phase. Because blue phases have a three-dimensional cubic structure with lattice periods of several hundred nanometres, they exhibit selective Bragg reflections in the range of visible light corresponding to the cubic(More)
Scattering of a Gaussian beam by a dielectric cylinder is analyzed by using the multilevel moment method. The shape of the cylinder is arbitrary. The scattered fields can be obtained by the volume equivalent theorem. The integral equation is converted to the matrix form by the moment method. As numerical examples, the scattering of a Gaussian beam by a(More)
Surface contouring by phase-shifting digital holography is proposed and verified by experiments and numerical simulations. Digital holograms are recorded before and after mode hopping of a laser diode subject to current tuning, and the difference of the reconstructed phases at each wavelength is computed to deliver surface contours of a diffusely reflecting(More)
We describe data compression in phase-shifting digital holography. We demonstrate by experimentation that an image of a diffusely reflecting object can be reconstructed only by phase data of the derived complex amplitude. It is shown that reduction of the bit depth of the phase data does not seriously damage the image even down to 1 bit. We observe(More)
An optical system of off-axis digital holography for imaging the Jones vector of an object wave is improved, and a Faraday rotator for the reference wave is also newly constructed. To evaluate the accuracy of the polarization analysis, quarter- and half-wave plates are used as the object, and the distribution of the polarization state of the transmitted(More)
To stabilize the phase-shifting Fizeau-type interferometer against environmental disturbances (namely, vibration and temperature variations), the feedback scheme that uses the current-induced frequency modulation of a laser diode (lambda = 633 nm) and the two-frequency optical heterodyne method has been investigated, with particular attention to improvement(More)
A prototype instrument for measuring astronaut body mass under microgravity conditions has been developed and its performance was evaluated by parabolic flight tests. The instrument, which is the space scale, is applied as follows. Connect the subject astronaut to the space scale with a rubber cord. Use a force transducer to measure the force acting on the(More)
Scattering of a Hermite-Gaussian beam field by a chiral sphere is analyzed. A Hermite-Gaussian beam field is expressed as a superposition of multipole fields at complex-source points. Electromagnetic fields are expanded in terms of the spherical vector wave functions. The unknown expansion coefficients for the scattered field and the internal field are(More)
Phase-shifting digital holography is applied to the measurement of the surface profile of the inner surface of a pipe for the detection of a hole in its wall. For surface contouring of the inner wall, a two-wavelength method involving an injection-current-induced wavelength change of a laser diode is used. To illuminate and obtain information on the inner(More)
A technique to study the drying of paints, based on phase-shifting digital holography, is presented. The technique is applied to the drying process of solvent-based paint on a three-dimensional surface at different substrate temperatures. For processing the data, a cross-correlation function and phase change derived from reconstructed complex amplitudes are(More)