Masayuki Umeda

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This report presents the clinical, morphological and biochemical findings on an 11-month-old female Siamese cat with neurovisceral sphingomyelinosis. Gross pathological features and histochemical findings are compared with the human disease counterpart and the previously described animal models. Hepatomegaly was observed while splenomegaly was not. Although(More)
Nachweis, dass CHCl3-Rohextrakte aus Myzelien und Filtraten der Zuchtmedien vonChaetomium globosum Kunze ex Fries einen akuten toxischen Effect auf HeLa-Zellen in vitro, sowie auf Mäuse zeigten. Chaetoglobosine die aus Mycelium-Rohextrakt isoliert wurden und chemisch zu den Cytochalasanen gehören, induzierten in HeLa-Zellen eine Polynukleierung und(More)
Isolation of specific cell types, including pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-derived populations, is frequently accomplished using cell surface antigens expressed by the cells of interest. However, specific antigens for many cell types have not been identified, making their isolation difficult. Here, we describe an efficient method for purifying cells based on(More)
Über 30 Chemikalien aus getrockneten jungen Blättern und Wurzelstöcken des japanischen FarnkrautesPteridium aquilinum wurden isoliert und als Sesquiterpen-Derivate mit 1-Indanonkern, Pterosine und deren Glukoside, Pteroside, identifiziert. Eine nur geringe Toxizität für HeLa-Zellen ohne Chromosomenschädigung wurde festgestellt. Langzeitfütterung von(More)
Virus-associated hemorrhagic cystitis (VAHC) is a formidable complication after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT). The standard management of severe VAHC after allo-HSCT has not been established. Intravenous administration of cidofovir (CDV), an acyclic nucleoside analogue with broad-spectrum activity against DNA viruses, has(More)
Currently, there is no standard treatment for neurolymphomatosis because of the scarcity of clinical studies. Here, we report the successful treatment of neurolymphomatosis caused by follicular lymphoma with bendamustine, which could be an effective treatment option for this condition.
MicroRNA (miRNA) activity differs with cell type, suggesting it can be used as a cell marker. In this study, we developed novel miRNA-responsive non-viral reporter vectors to continuously monitor and visualize miRNA dynamics during differentiation and to efficiently purify target living cells. Each vector codes miRNA-responsive and reference reporter genes(More)
A human glioma cell line (YKG1), which was positively identified for glial fibrillary acidic (GFA) and S-100 proteins, was established from a surgical specimen of a patient with glioblastoma. Chromosome analysis of the cells revealed a homogeneously staining region (HSR) on a marker chromosome. The assay for transforming growth factors (TGFs) in the(More)
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