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The purpose of the present study was to show the feasibility and safety of ipsilateral portal vein embolization (PVE) using an improved four-lumen balloon catheter with fibrin glue. To improve the ipsilateral PVE with fibrin glue, we modified a commercially available four-lumen balloon catheter to create a catheter comprising one lumen with a catheter tip(More)
To test whether or not the L-arginine/nitric oxide (NO) pathway induces a protective effect, we investigated the effect of exogenous L-arginine on hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury, using ex vivo perfusion of the isolated rat liver. The rat liver was removed and preserved in cold saline for 60 min, followed by 120 min of reperfusion with oxygenated(More)
= 11), hepatitis C virus antibody positive (HC, n= 21), and non-BC (both HbsAg and HCVAb negative, n= 12). Seven patients were excluded from the study because of operative death (n= 3), a history of alcohol abuse (n= 3), or the presence of dual positive HB and HC virus markers (n= 1). The data were analyzed by either an analysis of variance (ANOVA) or a(More)
From April 1980 to April 1995 a total of 54 patients (53 women, 1 man) were hospitalized in our department for the surgical treatment of radiation enterocolitis. Two surgical protocols were applied for these patients: intestinal decompression procedures alone (intestinal bypass, colostomy, or both; n = 18) or an intestinal resection in addition to(More)
A 47-year-old Japanese woman with a 5-year history of alcoholism was admitted to the Ryukyu University Hospital for the treatment of the alcoholism. For evaluation of observed changes in her bowel habits, she underwent colonoscopy, which revealed seven small polyps spread throughout the entire large intestine. Six of the polyps were in the colon; one was an(More)
Radiation-associated ischemic coloproctitis is a rare clinical entity caused by vascular insufficiency to the rectosigmoid colon. It most commonly occurs after radiotherapy for gynecological cancer. We present herein the cases of two patients who developed radiation-associated coloproctitis with transmural necrosis and eventual perforation. Perforation of(More)
BACKGROUND Although Bcl-2 is well known to have antiapoptotic activities in vitro and in vivo, the role of Bcl-2 remains controversial. In the present study, we evaluated whether the adenovirus mediated gene transfer of hBcl-2 could exert an antiapoptotic effect in a rat model of hepatic ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury. MATERIALS AND METHODS Each 6 x(More)
PURPOSE To identify the characteristics, risk factors, and clinical outcomes of radiation enterocolitis requiring surgery in patients with gynecologic malignancies. METHODS AND MATERIALS The records of 1,349 patients treated with pelvic radiotherapy were retrospectively reviewed. The majority of the patients (88%) were treated with 50 Gy or 50.4 Gy pelvic(More)
Combined hepatocellular (HCC) and cholangiocellular carcinoma (CCC) (mixed carcinoma) is a rare subtype of primary hepatic carcinoma. We report a case of mixed carcinoma that developed in a non-cirrhotic liver, in a patient who was serologically negative for both hepatitis B and C viruses. A 65-year-old Japanese woman with a 25-year history of chronic(More)
We present here in the case of a 75-year-old man who developed synchronous double cancers of the remnant stomach and pancreas 12 years after undergoing distal gastrectomy for gastric carcinoma. The patient was referred to our hospital in March, 1993, with a provisional diagnosis of carcinoma of the remnant stomach. Laboratory data on admission showed an(More)