Masayuki Nagamine

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Myocardial perfusion and fatty acid uptake at rest were assessed by SPECT with 201Tl (Tl) and 123I-BMIPP (BMIPP) in 50 consecutive patients with coronary heart disease. Discrepant regional myocardial uptake was observed in 19 patients and classified into the following two groups: mismatch (MM; Tl uptake > BMIPP uptake, n = 14, mean age, 66 years) and(More)
Electrolyte is a key material for success in the research and development of next-generation rechargeable batteries. Aluminium rechargeable batteries that use aluminium (Al) metals as anode materials are attractive candidates for next-generation batteries, though they have not been developed yet due to the lack of practically useful electrolytes. Here we(More)
 The clinical significance of the paradoxical mismatched phenomenon between 201Tl and 123I-BMIPP is still unknown. We report two cases that revealed paradoxical regional myocardial uptake between two tracers in patients with cardiomyopathy. There may be abnormal myocardium in these patients where active transportation of 201Tl is disturbed and passive(More)
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