Masayuki Miyakawa

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There is no sex difference in the number of axodendritic synapses in the lateral septum of adult rats. However, the treatment of adult females with estradiol (E2) for 4 weeks increases significantly the number of synapses, whereas E2 treatment fails to increase the synaptic number in males, suggesting a possible sexually dimorphic synaptic response to(More)
Human thyrocytes produce vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a potent angiogenic factor, also known as vascular permeability factor (VPF), which increases vascular permeability. Based on the assumption that VEGF/VPF is involved in fluid accumulation in thyroid cysts, we determined the VEGF/VPF concentration in cyst fluids of thyroid nodules from 79(More)
The effect of thyroid hormone on the development of diencephalic monoaminergic neurons was studied in tadpoles of Bufo bufo japonicus. Monoamine-containing neurons in the preoptic recess organ (PRO) appeared later than those in the paraventricular organ (PVO) and nucleus infundibularis dorsalis (NID). After deprivation of thyroidal primordium no fluorescent(More)
Growth hormone (GH) is known to interact with adipose tissue and to induce lipolysis. Adipocytes produce leptin which regulates appetite and energy expenditure. In order to elucidate the role of GH in leptin production, we studied the effect of GH on leptin gene expression and body fat in fatty Zucker rats, a model of obesity with resistance to both leptin(More)
Evaluation of marble burying behavior (MBB) housing-induced alteration of monoamine metabolism in mouse brain was performed by measuring metabolite levels with HPLC-ECD. Isolated housing of mice, each in a cage (22 x 32 x 14 cm; sawdust, 1-mm diameter; 5 cm in thickness) with 15 evenly spaced glass marbles on the floor (2.5-cm diameter; control, without(More)
We examined the role of aldosterone-sensitive neurons in the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) in the arterial baroreceptor reflex (baroreflex) function. Baroreflex sensitivity was induced by phenylephrine in high sodium-loaded rats and was significantly reduced. This baroreflex sensitivity was reversed by microinjection of the mineralocorticoid receptor(More)
The influence of intestinal microflora on the hepatotoxic effects of dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) or dimethylamine (DMA) plus NaNO2 was studied by comparing the degree of liver necrosis and the levels of serum alanine aminotransferase (GPT) and aspartate aminotransferase (GOT) in germ-free and conventional male Wistar rats (320 to 340 g). In one experiment,(More)
This is a detailed autopsy case of rare juvenile parkinsonism with dominant heredity. The patient displayed parkinsonian symptoms which began at the age of 24, and expired in a state of quadriplegia-in-flexion at 35. In the later stage, myoclonic jerks, epileptiform convulsions and dementia appeared. L-dopa was effective only in the early stages. The(More)
Autoimmune-prone New Zealand Black mice produce a large amount of autoantibodies cytotoxic for thymocytes (natural thymocytotoxic autoantibodies, NTA). A monoclonal NTA (NTA260) has been found to react with brain tissues as well as the cell surface of thymocytes. We investigated the expression of NTA 260 antigen in the primary culture of fetal brain cells.(More)