Masayuki Kuba

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The octopus is an interesting model for the development of soft robotics, due to its high deformability, dexterity and rich behavioural repertoire. To investigate the principles of octopus dexterity, we designed an eight-arm soft robot and evaluated its performance with focused experiments. The OCTOPUS robot presented here is a completely soft robot, which(More)
A newly developed grazing-incidence X-ray diffractometer system was used for the characterization of surfaces and thin films. The system uses a high-intensity rotating anode X-ray generator, a parabolic graded multilayer mirror, and an asymmetric-cut Ge(220) channel monochrometer to generate an intense, parallel and monochromatic incident Cu K (;\! X-ray(More)
This paper discusses the comprehensive performance profiling, improvement and benchmarking of a Computational Fluid Dynamics code, one of the Grand Challenge applications, on three popular multiprocessors. In the process of analyzing performance we considered language, compiler, architecture, and algorithmic changes and quantified each of them and their(More)
Modern devices require the production and characterization of state-of-the-art-ultra-thin films under 10-nanometers thick. Examples can be found in integrated circuits, magnetic pickup heads and high effi-ciency solid state lasers. In “thin films” with thickness greater than 10 nanometers, the crystallographic properties (crystalline quality, orientation(More)
High resolution x-ray diffraction ( HRXRD) and grazing incidence x-ray reflectivity (GIXR) methods are powerful tools to characterize multi-layer epitaxial films. This study employs these techniques to investigate the structural properties of InAs/AlGaAsSb deep quantum wells (InAs QWs) grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Crystallinity of the AlGaAsSb(More)
This paper discusses the comprehensive performance pro ling, improvement, and benchmarking of a Molecular Dynamics code, one of the most parallelizable applications, on both shared and distributed multiprocessor systems. In our analysis, we consider language, compiler, architecture, and algorithmic changes for each parallel portion and discuss the(More)
We have detected the occurrence of hydrogen bonding involving an interstitial positive muon situated between hydrogen atoms of two independent alanate anions in sodium alanate (NaAlH4). Ti doping, which is known to dramatically improve the hydrogen cycling performance of NaAlH4, reduces the kinetic barrier of the transition of the muon from the(More)
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