Masayuki Kitou

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In order to improve the yield enhancement speed, we adopt data mining analysis. The root cause of crack in silicon substrate induced by scrubber tool was found by data mining approach. It could not be detected by conventional knowledge-based pre-filtering approach. As a countermeasure, we switched the scrubber from high pressure clean tool to moderate(More)
Palliative operations for various bone metastases are being performed more frequently than before with the improvement of surgical technique and the development of new instruments. However, anesthesia in advanced cancer patients who are under palliative care accompanies inherent risks which are uncommon in general orthopaedic populations. Thus, we made a(More)
Acute inflammation becomes severe and the risk of perforation of the gallbladder increases every time gall stone colic occurs in patients with cholelithiasis. In the surgical treatment for these patients, interval operation is said to be preferable to emergency operation in the acute stage. Furthermore, the flow of bile into gallbladder is blocked by(More)
All subjects were patients with malignant tumors on the gastroenterological system and in whose cases there were marked ascites (Table 1). In the study, each patient was subjected to the intravenous drip infusion of CTM 1 g for a period of 1 hour. Samples of peripheral venous blood and ascites were taken 4 times, at 1 hour after completion of infusion, and(More)
An Ru(II)-Au(I)-Ru(II) triad has been synthesized from [Ru(bpy)2(3-ethynylphenanthroline)]2+ with Au(tht)Cl and characterized by spectroscopic means such as NMR and ESI-MS; the Ru(II)-Au(I)-Ru(II) triad shows an intense emission at 620 nm upon excitation at 360 nm, which suggests an efficient energy transfer from the Au site to Ru sites via extended(More)
A total of 16 hospitalized patients underwent surgery for gastroenterological problems in the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Kanazawa Medical College Hospital, during the period from April 1981 to September 1981. After they had undergone partial or total gastroenterological resection, cefoxitin was administered for the prevention of(More)
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