Masayuki Hirafuji

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Data driven precision agriculture aspects, particularly the pest/disease management, require a dynamic crop-weather data. An experiment was conducted in a semi-arid region to understand the crop-weather-pest/disease relations using wireless sensory and field-level surveillance data on closely related and interdependent pest (Thrips) - disease (Bud Necrosis)(More)
Recent technological developments allowed envisioning sensor devices with distributed ambient sensory network, which could be a potential technology for monitoring various natural phenomena (weather parameters, soil moisture, etc.) at micro level. As days more and more agricultural data are virtually being harvested along with the crops and are being(More)
Recently, in the field of agriculture, it is important to monitor field information (temperature, humidity, photosynthesis photon flux density, etc.), to get field/crops view for growing conditions, and to record field operations. We have developed a " Field Server " which automatically monitors field information and controls some equipment via a Web(More)
This paper presents the framework and function of an agent system developed for Field Server to manage Web-based sensor network. This system consisting of an agent program, program configuration files, and a Web interface, can easily and autonomously manage Web-based sensor nodes via the Internet. It can perform simple function such as monitoring to more(More)
Nowadays, we can use several meteorological databases through the Internet. They are, however, heterogeneous in access methods, data formats, available items etc., so that clients applications are generally tightly linked to particular databases. This causes inefficiency in developing client applications. To solve this issue, we developed a data broker(More)