Masayoshi Tomizuka

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This paper describes the development of a fuzzy gain scheduling scheme of PID controllers for process control. Fuzzy rules and reasoning are utilized on-line to determine the controller parameters based on the error signal and its first difference. Simulation results demonstrate that better control performance can be achieved in comparison with(More)
In this paper, a modular modification of the adaptive robust control (ARC) technique is presented. The modular design has all of the original ARC properties with an estimation-based update law instead of a Lyapunov-based update law. In this design, the controller is divided into two modules: a control module and an identification module. A key new idea is(More)
In this paper, we will show that contouring performance can be viewed as a regulation problem in a moving task coordinate frame that is attached to the desired contour. By transforming the machine tool feed drive dynamics to this task coordinate frame, a control law is designed to assign different dynamics to the tangential and normal directions. The(More)
his article describes vehicle control issues that must be faced T in designing a fully automated highway system (AHS). In particular, requirements for a control system architecture as well as issues of lateral and longitudinal “platoon” control are addressed. Interest in AHS is clearly expanding at a rapid pace due to the ever-increasing problems of freeway(More)
Precise and large torque generation, back drivability, low output impedance, and compactness of hardware are important requirements for human assistive robots. In this paper, a compact rotary series elastic actuator (cRSEA) is designed considering these requirements. To magnify the torque generated by an electric motor in the limited space of the compact(More)
Adaptive robust control (ARC) of MIMO nonlinear systems transformable to two semi-strict feedback forms are considered. The forms can have both parametric uncertainties and uncertain nonlinearities such as external disturbances. In addition, the forms allow coupling and appearance of parametric uncertainties in the input matrix of each layer. Furthermore,(More)
Applying wireless technologies in control systems can significantly enhance the system mobility and reduce the deployment and maintenance cost. Existing wireless technology standards, however either cannot provide real-time guarantee on packet delivery or are not fast enough to support high-speed control systems which typically require 1kHz or higher(More)
Measurement of ground contact forces (GCF) provides necessary information to detect human gait phases. In this paper, a new analysis method of the GCF signals is discussed for detection of the gait phases. Human gaits are complicated, and the gait phases can not be exactly distinguished by comparing sensor outputs to a threshold. This paper mainly discusses(More)