Masayoshi Todorokihara

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It has recently been shown that noise can improve the detection of stimuli in several sensory modalities. We herein investigated whether visual contrast detection sensitivity can be improved by adding a certain amount of noise. The contrast detection thresholds of a light changing brightness periodically were measured either with or without overlapping(More)
The present study aimed to demonstrate stochastic resonance (SR) for a visual signal above the threshold by using a two-alternative forced-choice protocol. The percent correct response enhanced at non-zero intensity of noise, while decreased with more intense noise. SR for the suprathreshold signals was found for signals with relatively low intensity above(More)
It has recently been shown that noise can facilitate signal detection in the sensory systems. We have previously shown that contrast detection sensitivity in the visual perception is improved in the presence of noise by measuring the detection threshold (Sasaki et al. Effect of noise on the contrast detection threshold in visual perception, Neurosci. Lett.(More)
Periodic buckling of smectic-A tubular filaments in an isotropic phase has been investigated both experimentally and theoretically in the binary mixture of octyloxycyanobiphenyl and dodecyl alcohol. As the mixture is cooled, straight filaments become unstable and continuously buckle by elongating at a constant periodicity. An analytical solution to the(More)
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