Masayoshi Takahama

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Three cases of cervical myeloradiculopathy associated with multiple calcified nodules containing identified calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystals in the ligamenta flava are described, with a comprehensive review of the 12 cases of this entity reported to date. The disease is characterized by: 1) oval or triangular areas of radiodensity in the(More)
Dual-innervation theory suggests that dark focus (DF; the accommodation in effect in total darkness) reflects a balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic inputs. Since it is assumed that relaxation of accommodation is sympathetically innervated, and that accommodative increases are parasympathetically innervated, stimulation that leads to sympathetic(More)
The corolla of Petunia ‘Magic Samba’ exhibits unstable anthocyanin expression depending on its phosphorus content. Phosphorus deficiency enhanced post-transcriptional gene silencing of chalcone synthase - A in the corolla. Petunia (Petunia hybrida) ‘Magic Samba’ has unstable red–white bicolored corollas that respond to nutrient deficiency. We grew this(More)
Biomechanical gait analyses were carried out on 21 patients in whom 11 had bilateral and 10 unilateral disease of the knee joint. Similar studies, for use as controls were made on 7 normal volunteers. The data, on which the analyses were based, were obtained using a force plate, a xylophone plate, electromyography and electrogoniometry. The equipment and(More)
A 61-year-old woman first experienced sudden lower back and right leg pain 3 years prior to surgery. At this time, MRI showed an intramedullary cavernous angioma at Th10-11 with central T2 high and peripheral T2 low signal intensity. However, she completely recovered in two weeks. Four days prior to the present admission (day of the second hemorrhage), she(More)
There is evidence that sympathetic innervation induces decreases in accommodation or accommodation amplitude. If so, emotional stress that produces sympathetic activation should induce similar changes in accommodation. In two experiments, dark focus accommodation was assessed following deep relaxation and after subjects looked at gruesome slides. Results(More)
The authors describe the total excision of a huge occipital hemangioendothelioma in an infant with thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenemia, and anemia; treatment was followed by normalization of platelet count, blood cell count, and level of fibrinogen. Histological and clincial studies support the concept the disseminated intravascular coagulation was related(More)