Masayoshi Ozawa

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Rigor mortis is an important phenomenon to estimate the postmortem interval in forensic medicine. Rigor mortis is affected by temperature. We measured stiffness of rat muscles using a liquid paraffin model to monitor the mechanical aspects of rigor mortis at five temperatures (37, 25, 10, 5 and 0°C). At 37, 25 and 10°C, the progression of stiffness was(More)
A fall from a great height is often associated with altered mental status. Aside from the usual contributing factors, for example, alcohol consumption or mental illness, natural disease leading to a fatal fall is seldom identified by autopsy. The case described in this report is that of a 57-year-old man who had been clinically diagnosed with presenile(More)
Macroscopic findings of ligature marks are mainly affected by the characteristics of the ligature, the severity of external forces acting on the ligature, and the period that the neck has been pressed by the ligature. Therefore, the appearances of ligature marks formed by ligatures with the same characteristics differ depending on 2 factors: force and time.(More)
In the medicolegal field, whether a victim was under the influence of ethanol at the time of an accident or injury is an important issue. However, trauma victims may have lost a large amount of blood, or received cardiopulmonary resuscitation or infusions of fluid or blood, making it difficult to interpret the ethanol concentration at the time of sampling.(More)
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