Masayoshi Onishi

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Promoters, including neither TATA box nor initiator, have been frequently found in testicular germ cell-specific genes in mice. These investigations imply that unique forms of the polymerase II transcription initiation machinery play a role in selective activation of germ cell-specific gene expression programs during spermatogenesis. However, there is(More)
The hydroxido-bridged dinuclear ruthenium complex 4, which is supported by Tp ligands, has been prepared from protonation of the oxido-bridged dinuclear ruthenium complex 3. Additional protonation of 4, affording the aqua-bridged dinuclear ruthenium complex 5 in situ, and subsequent treatment with NO gave rise to the dicationic dinitrosyl complex 2. These(More)
Vinylidene ruthenium complexes were prepared from trichloronitrosylbis(phosphine)rutheniums and terminal alkynes, subsequent cycloaddition of methyl propiolate to the vinylidene complexes giving rise to unusual ruthenacyclobutene species; in these transformations, an interesting electrostructurally-flexible behaviour of the NO ligand was observed.
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