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Inhibition of target detection in apparent motion trajectory.
Letter discrimination performance is degraded when a letter is presented within an apparent motion (AM) trajectory of a spot. This finding suggests that the internal representation of AM stimuli canExpand
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Positive mood enhances divergent but not convergent thinking
A positive mood enhances creative performance. We examined which type of creativity, divergent or convergent thinking, was enhanced by a positive mood. Half of the participants listened to happyExpand
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Spatiotemporal templates for detecting orientation-defined targets.
Using the classification image technique, the present experiments revealed several characteristics of human observers' spatiotemporal templates for the detection of orientation-defined targets. TheExpand
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Exploration of vertical bias in perceptual completion of illusory contours: Threshold measures and response classification.
We investigated whether the perceptual completion of illusory contours exhibits a vertical bias (J. Pillow & N. Rubin, 2002). Experiments 1-3 measured completion with Pillow and Rubin's shapeExpand
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Space and Time in Perception and Action: Conceptual influence on the flash-lag effect and representational momentum
When judging the position of a moving object, human observers do not perceive and memorize the moving object’s correct position. There are two known phenomena in judged position errors of a movingExpand
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Larger forward memory displacement in the direction of gravity
An observer's memory for the final position of a moving stimulus is shifted forward in the direction of its motion. Observers in an upright posture typically show a larger forward memory displacementExpand
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Comparing face processing strategies between typically-developed observers and observers with autism using sub-sampled-pixels presentation in response classification technique
In the present study we modified the standard classification image method by subsampling visual stimuli to provide us with a technique capable of examining an individual's face-processing strategy inExpand
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Measuring Brain Activities Related to Understanding Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
We examined brain activation in the frontal cortex during the contents understanding of comic stories with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The present results showed that the left prefrontal lobeExpand
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Sound can enhance the suppression of visual target detection in apparent motion trajectory
Detection performance is impaired for a visual target presented in an apparent motion (AM) trajectory, and this AM interference weakens when orientation information is inconsistent between the targetExpand
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Saccadic Compression of Rectangle and Kanizsa Figures: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Background Observers misperceive the location of points within a scene as compressed towards the goal of a saccade. However, recent studies suggest that saccadic compression does not occur forExpand
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