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— This paper describes an ultrasonic tagging system developed for robustly observing human activity in a living area. Using ultrasonic transmitter tags with unique identifiers, the system is shown through experimental application to be able to track the three-dimensional motion of tagged objects in real time with high accuracy, resolution and robustness to(More)
A novel framework for multiple robot cooperation called \Cooperation by Observation" is presented. It introduces many interesting issues such as viewpoint constraint and role interchange, as well as novel concepts like \atten-tional structure". The framework has the potential to realize a high level of task coordination by decentralized autonomous robots(More)
This paper presents some advanced examples of reactive vision-based cooperative behaviors: (1) Chasing and posing against another robot among others, (2) Unblocking the path of another robot by removing an obstacle, (3) Passing an object from one to another. These behaviors are demonstrated using real mobile robots equipped with CCD cameras, in a complex(More)