Masayori Ninomiya

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The possible presence of an inhibitor of pancreatic lipase (triacylglycerol acylhydrolase, EC was screened in 54 marine algae. An active inhibitor, caulerpenyne, was purified from an extract of Caulerpa taxifolia, using ethyl acetate extraction, followed by successive chromatographies on ODS and silica gel columns. The purified inhibitor was(More)
The growth of Laurencia okamurae and the content of laurinterol and debromolaurinterol were influenced by various factors. Temperature influenced growth raere te with a maximum at 25°C, regardless of daylength. Maturity depended on temperature rather than daylength; the plants grew without maturing at 15°C, while the plants matured within two weeks at 25°C.(More)
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