Masayo Fujimoto

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This study found that the use of a computer conferencing system in an R&D lab was significantly shaped by a set of intervening actors—mediators—who actively guided and manipulated the technology and its use over time. These mediators adapted the technology to its initial context and shaped user interaction with it; over time, they continued(More)
Nerve growth factor and its high-affinity receptor TrkA are thought to be involved in the progression of various cancers. This study investigated the mechanism that regulates aberrant or increased TrkA expression in various cancer cell lines and in the course of pancreatic cancer progression. We found that the negative cis-acting AP-1-like sequence TGAGCGA(More)
Epigenetic alterations in cancer, especially DNA methylation and histone modification, exert a significant effect on the deregulated expression of cancer-related genes and lay an epigenetic pathway to carcinogenesis and tumor progression. Global hypomethylation and local hypermethylation of CpG islands in the promoter region, which result in silencing tumor(More)
In this paper we examine the role and influence of a set of organizational actors who have gone largely unnoticed in research on the design and use of electronic media. We report the results of an exploratory study that found that these actors, whom we call technology mediators, significantly shaped the configuration and use of a new computer conferencing(More)
This paper reports on a study into the administrative activities surrounding a computer conferencing system used by a product development group within a large Japanese manufacturing firm. Drawing on interview and textual data, the study investigated the goals, deliberations, responsibilities, and outcomes of administrators of the group's conferencing(More)
Mitochondrial diabetes is characterized by diabetes and hearing loss in maternal transmission with a heteroplasmic A3243G mutation in the mitochondrial gene. In patients with the mutation, it has been reported that hepatic involvement is rarely observed. We demonstrated a case of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and hepatic failure with mitochondrial diabetes.(More)
Organellar Proteomics Identifies Mouse Liver Nuclear Proteins Dan-jun Ma, Wen-jun, Deng, Jie Dai, Su-jun Li, Yi-Xue Li, and Rong Zeng Research Centre for Proteome Analysis, Key Lab of Proteomics, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China; and Bioinformation Center,(More)
We suggest that a mechanism for facilitating the context-specificity of technologies in use already exists in organizations, but is under-appreciated, under-utilized, and under-managed. We studied the use of a conferencing technology and found that its effectiveness was significantly shaped by a set of actors-technology mediators-who actively guided and(More)
Increasing usage of ICT in medical organizations raises the issue of information security. This research study focuses on, and analyzes technology and management aspects for, information security of networked medical organizations through a teleradiology case study. A ‘workshop’ to gauge risk assessment was also established in which stakeholders, such as(More)
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