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Reorganization of storage data layout is a famous I/O performance improvement method. Many methods have been studied. These methods improve I/O performance by reducing storage seek distances. In virtualized environment, a storage device has several huge image files. Thus, I/O performance is severely decreased by many long distance seeks among these files.(More)
This paper reports our recent result in designing a function for autonomous APs to estimate throughput and delay of its clients in 2.4GHz WiFi channels to support those APs' dynamic channel selection. Our function takes as inputs the traffic volume and strength of signals emitted from nearby interference APs as well as the target AP's traffic volume. By(More)
This paper presents a strategy to choose WiFi channels in urban areas. We consider (i) inter-channel interference where adjacent channels interfere with each other in WiFi systems and (ii) urban situations where many APs in different systems are deployed in an uncoordinated way. As it is often hard to identify the channel with less interference in such a(More)
This paper presents a scheduling algorithm for a set of wireless stations such as road-side access points for vehicular networks and outdoor WiFi stations, which are deployed in wide urban areas and may compete with each other for limited wireless resources. Different from a number of conventional approaches most of which consider detailed information on(More)
The 3 Dimensional Measuring System is a device to obtain the 3 dimensional coordinates of an object, using its numerous photo-images taken from different angles. This method basically requires the exact identification of the same corresponding points of all the obtained photo-images. But the more numerous are the images, the longer and harder it becomes if(More)
Iterative control systems can be viewed as 2D (2 dimensional) systems because that systems have two kinds of dynamics. This study uses 2D model-following servo control theory to design an iterative controller such that a two link robot manipulator tracks trajectory which changes for each repetition. It is supposed that one of the two variables is unbounded(More)
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