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The histamine H1 receptor has an aspartate (Asp) residue in transmembrane helix 3 (TM3), which is well-conserved among biogenic amine receptors. The Asp residue is one of the most crucial amino acids for ligand binding. The tested histamine H1 receptor antagonists with tri- and tetracyclic structures were not selective for histamine H1 receptors and showed(More)
Procyanidins, which are condensed catechins, have been elucidated as absorbable polyphenols, but their health-benefits remain unclear. The aim of this study was, thus, to clarify the efficacy and mechanism of each procyanidin oligomer in NO activation in rat aortic endothelial cells (RAECs). Treatment of RAECs with 50μM procyanidin C1 (4β→8 trimer) resulted(More)
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