Masatsugu Otsuki

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Hayabusa spacecraft performed the final descents and touchdowns twice in November 2005. In final descent phase, terrain alignment maneuvers were accomplished to control both altitude and attitude with respect to the surface by using four beams Laser Range Finder onboard. Then Hayabusa spacecraft made dynamic touchdowns the surface of the asteroid by the(More)
Subsurface exploration on the Moon is a significant mission for future space developments. The authors have studied an autonomous robotic explorer which can burrow into the soils. This paper focuses especially on the excavation mechanism of a burrowing robot for near-future lunar subsurface exploration. The main objective of the proposed robot is to bury a(More)
As space exploration progresses, renewed attention has been given to advanced Lunar exploration technologies. The main objective is to address many open questions about the Moon, such as its origin or chemical components, as most of the current hypotheses are just inferences based on limited evidences. Unmanned subsurface investigation technologies for the(More)
This paper describes a stereo visual odometry system for volcanic fields which lack visual features on the ground. There are several technical problems in untextured terrain including the diversity of terrain appearance, the lack of welltracked features on surfaces, and the limited computational resources of onboard computers. This paper tries to address(More)
This paper presents a high-speed transportation of capsule by launch. One of the main issues for the transportation is how to decelerate the capsule during its flight to avoid a large landing impact. In order to stop the capsule temporally in the air just before its landing, we propose a flight control method by multidirectional tension of wires. Since the(More)
Supposing a space mission of setting monitoring devices at suitable positions on the moon, we discuss how to apply a casting manipulation to the mission. This paper addresses a mechanism of a casting manipulator system and control method to launch a penetrator to the desired position. First, we discuss launching methods, and focus on a method by using(More)
This article presents a comprehensive path-planning method for lunar and planetary exploration rovers. In this method, two new elements are introduced as evaluation indices for path planning: 1) determined by the rover design and 2) derived from a target environment. These are defined as the rover's internal and external elements, respectively. In this(More)