Masatsugu Hirano

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Diabetes mellitus increases the risk of cerebrovascular disease, the effects of hypercapnia on CBF (cerebral blood flow) and cerebrovascular reactivity during diabetes are still inconsistent. Here, we have established a new microangiographic technique using synchrotron radiation (SPring-8, Japan), which enabled us to visualize rat cerebral vessels with high(More)
We simulated refraction contrast imaging in overlapping objects using the ray tracing method. The easiest case, in which two columnar objects (blood vessels) with a density of 1.0 [g/cm3], run at right angles in air, was calculated. For absorption, we performed simulation using the Snell law adapted to the object's boundary. A pair of bright and dark spot(More)
To avoid or reduce the X-ray exposure in endoscopic examinations and therapy, as an alternative to the conventional two-dimensional X-ray fluoroscopy we are developing an intrabody navigation system that can directly measure and visualize the three-dimensional (3-D) position of the tip and the trace of an ultrasound endoscope. The proposed system can(More)
We developed micro blood vessel diameter measurement algorithm for angiography using refraction contrast by monochromatic X-ray of the 3rd generation synchrotron radiation with the high degree parallel beam. The accuracy is evaluated using the actually obtained image.
PURPOSE We discuss the usefulness of the refraction contrast method using highly parallel X-rays as a new approach to minute lung cancer detection. The advantages of refraction contrast images are discussed in terms of contrast, and a comparison is made with absorption images. MATERIALS AND METHODS We simulated refraction contrast imaging using globules(More)
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