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Cholangiocarcinoma of the perihilar, hilar, and extrahepatic bile ducts (collectively referred to as the large bile ducts) is an intractable disease, and a papillary phenotype and well-differentiated histologic grade have been proposed as indicators of a favorable prognosis after surgical resection. In this study, we examined the significance of matrix(More)
Primary retroperitoneal cystic tumor is extremely rare, and its histogenesis and biological behavior remain speculative. Two surgical cases of retroperitoneal mucinous cystadenoma (Case 1, an 18-year-old woman; and Case 2, an 85-year-old woman) are reported. The cystadenomas in these cases were mainly lined by a monolayer of columnar or thin flat cells.(More)
This is an Open Access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License (www.karger.com/OA-license), applicable to the online version of the article only. Distribution for non-commercial purposes only. Abstract A 70-year-old woman presented with hypogastric pain. Computed tomography and magnetic(More)
It is stated that cardiac MRI imaging can provide accurate estimation of left ventricular (LV) volumes and ejection fraction (EF). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of gated myocardial perfusion SPECT for assessment of LV end-diastolic volume (EDV), end-systolic volume (ESV) and EF, using cardiac MRI as the reference(More)
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