Masatoshi Misono

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The optical cross-connect (OXC) system described in this paper increases the operation flexibility and reliability of the trunk-line optical networks used for data communication. It features an OXC node comprised of a photonic switching network and a conventional electric switching network that are connected hierarchically. The operation and management(More)
We have shown an experimental demonstration of information gain due to the stochastic resonance in an optical bistable system, that is, information hidden in the input wave form appears in the output of a nonlinear system when the input noise amplitude is adequate. The optical bistable system is a hybrid type comprising a LiNbO3 crystal with an electric(More)
We phase lock an octave-spanning optical frequency comb, generated using a mode-locked titanium-sapphire laser and a photonic-crystal fiber, to a continuous-wave laser line-narrowed to a reference cavity. To phase lock the pulse-repetition frequency, the cavity length of the mode-locked laser is controlled by using a fast piezoelectric-actuated mirror of a(More)
Doppler-free two-photon excitation spectrum and the Zeeman effect of the S1 1B1u(v21=1) <-- S0 1Ag(v=0) transition of naphthalene-d8 have been measured. 908 lines of Q(Ka)Q(J)KaKc transition of J=0-41, Ka=0-20 were assigned, and the molecular constants of the S1 1B1u(v21=1) state were determined. Perturbations were observed, and those were identified as(More)
We developed a high-precision frequency-measurement system for continuously scanning single-mode cw lasers. The high precision for wide frequency range is realized by employing an optical frequency comb. The developed system operates as a strong tool for analyzing the spectral profile and scan characteristics of lasers, which is suitable for high-resolution(More)
We investigate the external synchronization of the oscillating pulse edges developed in a transmission line periodically loaded with tunnel diodes (TDs), termed a TD line. It is observed that the pulse edge oscillates on a TD line when supplied by an appropriate voltage at the end of the line. We discuss how the pulse edge oscillates on a TD line and the(More)
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