Masatoshi Kimura

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To date, few studies have examined uric acid in saliva or dental calculus. The purpose of this study is to examine the uric acid concentration in saliva and serum. Saliva and blood samples were collected from 244 participants. We divided them into four groups: untreated or treated group in normal or abnormal serum uric acid concentration groups. Within the(More)
We propose a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)-based method to ensure both robustness to variations in facial pose and real-time processing. Although the robustness of CNNs has attracted attention in various fields, the training process suffers from difficulties in parameter setting and the manner in which training samples are provided. We demonstrate a(More)
This paper is aimed at describing a framework to implement Multi-Class Support Vector Machine (MCSVM)-based motion intention recognition. To this end, we primarily constructed a wearable exoskeleton robot of lower body which is employed as an experimentation platform to test the MCSVM-based motion intention recognition. Having disclosed prototype(More)
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