Masatoshi Ido

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Several growth factors, including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), have been implicated in the mechanism of lung and airway remodeling. In the present study, we evaluated whether thrombin may promote lung and airway remodeling by increasing PDGF production from lung and airway epithelial cells. Conditioned medium (CM) was prepared by treating(More)
We cloned two sublines (S1 and R1) of murine Meth A fibrosarcoma cells with respect to their sensitivity to a murine alpha/beta-interferon (IFN) preparation. The growth of S1 cells was suppressed and that of R1 cells was hardly affected by IFN in vitro. This was also the case with cells enclosed in cell-impermeable diffusion chambers in peritoneal cavities.(More)
The effects of N-[2-(methylamino)ethyl]-5-isoquinolinesulfonamide (H-8) and 1-(5-isoquinolinesulfonyl)-2-methylpiperazine (H-7) on the growth of P388 and its multidrug-resistant (MDR) variants were examined with the objective of assessing the possible changes in cyclic nucleotide-dependent protein kinases and protein kinase C-mediated pathways associated(More)
BACKGROUND Brugada syndrome is recognized as being associated with sudden cardiac death; however, the prevalence of non-type 1 Brugada-type ECG (BrS) or atypical ST-segment elevation in the right precordial leads (STERP) and the long-term prognosis for those patients remain unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We analyzed standard 12-lead ECGs of 7178 apparently(More)
Tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha induces apoptosis in a human acute myeloid leukaemia cell line, Kasumi-1. To examine the role of protein phosphorylation in signal transduction of TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis, a variant cell line resistant to TNF-alpha was established by an intermittent challenge of Kasumi-1 cells with increasing concentrations of(More)
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